The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Episode 2


Truly, the second installment is far better than the first. With those wide, evil eyes and big, booming voice, Barbara Kellerman pwned everyone in the show! The Professor (Michael Aldridge) was also very promising. It was a shame that both characters only emerged at least once throughout the whole episode. Nevertheless, I should say that both appearances made me happy.

I take back what I said about Jonathan Scott. His scenes are still a little rough around the edges, but I liked him in this affair. I was amused when Edmund (oblivious to the irony that he, in fact, has been talking to an evil bitch who makes everyone in Narnia miserable) explained how his batty sister, Lucy went to have tea with a fawn. It marked The White Witch’s frustration with regards to her plot of (possibly) killing the Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve and … she’s funny. Pardon me as I stifle a laugh.

Edmund: Can’t I have just one piece of Turkish Delight to eat when I go home?
White Witch (enraged): NNNOOO! (tries to calm down and smiles) No. You must wait until next time. Just think how good it will taste then. (the chariot starts to leave) Next time! (echoes) Next tiiiiiiiiiiime!

Hahaha. Priceless.

Also, Peter and Susan – (with an exception of a take alongside Michael Aldridge) gawd, they have the laziest scenes! – finally got into the magic world themselves. Here, Peter berates on Edmund for almost persuading them that Lucy is mentally-deficient. While irksomely, Lucy starts to smile again as if saying “I told you so!”.

The episode ends with the four innocent nomads learning that the White Witch has condemned good old Mr. Tumnus for life-imprisonment. That Maugrim guy was seriously scary in the end. Everything literally became frightening when he started talking!

The thing that I noticed in this episode is that, there weren’t much special effects. And if there was any particular scene to have one, they didn’t come off as too disturbing or distracting at all. It was done well, but it could have been better. There were some dull, awkward moments in which a background music should have been thoughtfully inserted. That’s all I have. Let’s see how the next episode goes.

White Witch: Son of Adam, I would so much like to see your brother and sisters. You must bring them to me.
Edmund: All right. I’ll try.
White Witch: Because if you brought them to me, I should give you more Turkish Delight!
Edmund: Oh give it to me now!
White Witch: But I can’t. The magic will work only once. It will be another matter if you were in my house. My MAGIC house.
Edmund: I want to go there now. I want more Turkish Delight!
White Witch (stares into space): It is a lovely place – my house. Except for one thing. I have no children. I would so much like a nice boy I could bring up as a prince. He would be king of Narnia when I am gone. He would wear a gold crown and eat Turkish Delight ALL day long. (turns to Edmund) And as you are much the cleverest and handsomest young man I have ever met, I wish to make you the prince – when you bring the others to visit me.
Edmund: Why can’t we go there now?
White Witch (getting impatient): Oh, but if I took you there now I shouldn’t see your brother and sisters! You must have courtiers and nobles. I will make your brother a duke and your sisters duchesses.
Edmund: I shouldn’t bother. There’s nothing special about them. I could bring them another time.
White Witch (frustrated): But once in my house you will forget everything – NO!


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