This is the true story of when Bob’s beer belly first started talking. And when it did, it told us shiz!

Bob’s beer belly feeds on the confounding profile questionaire: literary forms, television shows, music, movies and the darkest dregs of its beer-y life. It mostly noshes the classics or any old series; wrestling or miniseries; VCD’s; and everything else in between.

When not working, Bob’s beer belly sleeps instead, providing that “grngngbrrrbrrr” sound in Bob’s stomach – and what we all call “hunger only creeping in”. Rather, the belly would live in the past.

If you’d like to learn about the real writer and genius behind this blog, assertively click this link, and give her a comment or two. Also, if you’d like Bob’s big beer belly’s thoughts/opinions about a particular subject, please tell him so through our very trusty comment box.

Thank you.


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