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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Episode 1


What we have is this: a VCD collection of the 1988 TV series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Sounds good. I was watching this set the other day to kill time. Initially, I never intended on giving out any comments regarding the show, but I can’t help it. The special effects, of course aren’t as enthralling as what we have now with Harry Potter; nor is it as fascinating as that with the Narnia remake we have of present. Perhaps they were slick in the 80’s. I’m not sure, and I don’t want to disparage about that matter. I wasn’t happy with some things though.

We all know the story of this classic CS Lewis tale, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. When the war broke out, four kids, (brothers and sisters) Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were shipped to the country for comfort and shelter. The kids play hide-and-seek, Lucy sees a wardrobe, she hops in, and boom! – Narnia.

There is something unsettling about Jonathan Scott, and instead of liking Edmund (as I really do because of his early antagonism), I feel as though I am bound to dislike him in this show. But then again, the other kids are also aggravating at one point or another. The two Sophies, for example: Sophie Cook as Susan just never suits my fancy; and playing the role of little Lucy, Sophie Wilcox’s grin is always expectant – and dang, she smiles a lot! Although I find Peter as a cocky and irritating character, Richard Dempsey came off as the only kid with good acting skills.

Maybe it was just the mic – again, I’m not sure! Everyone was so soft-spoken. But every time one of the kids yells, I get frightened or nervous! I had to increase-then-decrease the volume every so often.

It was a shock when Lucy opened the wardrobe. There, I said it. I was shocked; not mesmerized. The hell was that? It felt as though I was watching Lord of the Flies! Heck, I was waiting for Jack Merridew to jump out of the greens. Anyway, Jeffrey Perry as Mr. Tumnus is great in the show. In fact, he nailed every scene he was part of.

Oh well, so much Episode One. It ended with Edmund following Lucy during hide-and-seek, and seeing Narnia for himself. In the next episode, we will be encountering the White Witch of Narnia.