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Democratic Country Pala Eh…


Lady Gaga is here in the Philippines for a two-night concert. How about that? It’s what everybody’s been talking about this past week. And, because this country is predominantly Catholic (partially conservative at that), sparks quickly fly in debates whether she ought to go on with the show or not. Little Monsters are doing business tickets while working on costumes, traffic is predicted near SM Mall of Asia, and, idiots who don’t know for shit what an illuminati actually is are trying to get attention with their journalistic views of this entire affair.

I’ve come to believe that we are a fake democratic country. The government says that it “supports freedom of expression”, yet it has the audacity to warily eye and threaten to arrest a talented artist who is just having a concert? And at the end of the day, that’s just that. These “defiant protests against Christ”, this “devil worship” will be just what it actually is in the first place: a concert. And, Lady Gaga is another artist who just wants to sing for the fans and to promote her album. Believe me, she’s not the only musician whose songs have subliminal messages in their lyrics.

So what does Lito Atienza and Tony Calixto care whether Lady Gaga sings Judas in her concert? They wouldn’t even know that she has that song had not they been alarmed by these overly concerned, narrow-minded detractors of hers. Like she said, she’s not a creature of our government. And, anyway, doesn’t the country have more things to be concerned about other than a two-night gig? Stop rushing, go help with the Corona trial or something.

“Her fans are in danger of falling into the clutches of Satan!” Can you comprehend how ridiculous this Catholic leader sounds? It’s embarrassing. As far as I’m concerned, I have yet to hear about anyone getting demonically possessed by listening to a song. I feel that most religious conservatives overlook the lyrics of Born this Way, which does not provoke, but rather gratifies a Supreme Being. Does this act have anything to do with the fact that the song has plenty to do with gay rights? Well, we know how the church feels about that material.

How stupid is it for Christian youths to march to Manila just to protest against this matter? And how dare the government disallow Gaga’s song, Judas, which music video stars my love, Norman Reedus? Listen: if you dislike Lady Gaga, then don’t watch the concert. Case closed.

I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga, but I admire her bravado. She said, “It’s not about the music, but about being yourself”. This is what people never get. Unlike the dim-wits who foolishly tagged along the bandwagon of “anti-illuminati” (are you serious?), the Mother Monster has her own beliefs. Tell me, did half of those Christian fundamentalists even did their research on Lady Gaga or her music? Or, did they just march in with their placards because some idiot quoted a nonsensical “translation” of Alejandro?

This I get: these narrow-minded people are so dogmatic that even depth cannot fit inside their constricted minds. Hence, they feel opposed to metaphors and symbolism that they’d rather listen to some lucid, meaningless cliche lyric of a sappy love song that repeatedly talks about feelings and nothing more.

I’m not for the belief that we are what we listen to. How stupid is that? I listen to songs that I feel do not completely – or even partially – make up my being. Amy Winehouse, for example: Frank album, which lyrics I perceive as an honest view on relationships, lustful men, and women in speakeasies. Yet, I’m not in a fem-dominated relationship with some guy who would eventually kick me to the curb. Point is that I listen to Amy Winehouse because of her witty abrasiveness and second-to-none talent. What we are is what we profess, not what’s coming out of our iPod. Any smart person that is entitled to his/her belief knows this.

Art is expressed in diverse ways. Music is art. Lady Gaga is an artist. One must completely comprehend what that means. The show must go on.

“All the things that I sing about and the way that I am, my lifestyle is just part of this one big giant life performance-sized statement of liberation…. So many people have been protesting, and it really doesn’t bother me, truly, because I know there has to be change…. I am you, little monsters. Tonight’s not about making a statement. Tonight is about us all coming together because we believe we were all born this way. This is a singular moment, a moment for us to share, to forget about everything else and just dance.”

– Lady Gaga, The Born this Way Ball: live in Manila