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WWFX in Manila


I can’t believe that I missed one of these again. This is the third time that I did. The first time I got excited over a wrestling franchise coming here to the Philippines was six years ago: I was ten years old and was very much obsessed with the show. And since we were quite “well-off” during those days (my parents initially considered it, too!), I was also pretty darn sure that we would go.

But then, as the event drew near, a tragic stampede occurred at the ULTRA in Pasig City, wherein the shockingly popular suck-ass local gameshow, Wowowee, was celebrating its first anniversary. With less than 80 people killed and 400 impaled, any plans that involved going to hotels, theaters, coliseums, or anything that requires quarantine in populated areas were postponed. So, I ended up listening to depressing news as my favorite wrestlers dominated Araneta two weeks later. I, of course, still have a distinct and utter dislike for Willie Revillame and for those dumbasses who worked for him at that time. I believe that that was my first dream that someone else shattered.

Anyway, I was in Manila yesterday and I wish I had passed by Ayala because there was a meet-and-greet with the WWFX rosters. I don’t care if they’re not in the WWE anymore or if they’re not such big stars now. I just want to see wrestling live. By the way, I still have no idea what Colt Cabana was doing there.